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Artic wool wool roving Katia

Katia Wool Atic irregular fluffy white wick.

Artic de Lanas Katia

Artic is an irregular, spongy wicking wool with a white background that has a thick thread to work with knitting needles.It is a very warm quality for winter garments and very warm to combat the cold. Artic de Katia wool in irregular and fluffy wick with white background. Being wool with a thick wick when knitting is as with a hair that gives a rustic look ideal for jackets, heaters, hats, coats, ...

The composition of Artic de Lanas Katia is:

  Wool 45%   Acrylic 50% Polyamide 5%

Artic quality:

  You can work with knitting needles from # 9 - 10 or crochet hooks from # 9. 100 grams of weight of Artic are 100 meters long. This quality can be washed in cold water preferably by hand and steam ironed. It is recommended to make the point loose so that the wool is not caked when washed. It is a very warm quality for winter garments and very warm to combat the cold.

100 grams of 45 % Wool 50 % Acrylic Needles 9 - 10

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