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katia fluffy wool cast metal wool

Lanat katia spell

It is a ball of fluffy wool with metal thread in silver or gold. Merino wool blend, alpaca, polyester metallic and polyamide, very fluffy and soft, very appropriate for elegant garments and accessories. Spell is a wool available in various shades to make your garment more elegant and sophisticated.

The composition of Katia Spell is:

Composition 48% Merino Extrafine - 20% Superfine Alpaca - 16% Polyamide - 16% Polyester Metallized, It is a very soft and spongy wool due to the amount of alpaca it contains.

The characteristics of Katia Spell are:

  They are presented in balls of 25g of weight and about 80m in length to work with needles of 5 - 4½, knitted in various colors. It can be dry-cleaned at not very high temperatures, horizontally laid and shaken off excess water, ironed at medium temperature and steam ironing is recommended.Wool cast katia fluffy ball of wool yarn in silver metal or gold

25 Grams 48 % virgin Wool 20 % Alpaca Needles 4.5 to 5

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