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20 for every ball

Tridalia Coats crochet thread

Coats Tridalia

It is a mercerized cotton thread for crochet of the highest quality. This type of threads and fabrics are often used for crochet and crochet, although they are used in multiple garments. Mercerizing results in swelling of the cell walls of the fiber; this increases the total surface area of ??the fiber and its reflectance, giving more shine and a softer feel to the resulting yarn and fabric.

The composition of Coats Tridalia is

100% mercerized cotton. This cotton is of the highest quality on the market. Mercerization is a treatment for cotton and hemp yarns and fabrics that gives them a shiny finish. The resulting fabrics and threads are called mercerized cotton or hemp. This type of threads and fabrics are often used for crochet and crochet, although they are used in multiple garments. The modern production method for mercerized cotton consists of bathing cotton yarn, or polyester yarn with cotton cover, in a sodium hydroxide solution which is then neutralized with an acid bath. This treatment improves the luster, the affinity to the dye and the resistance to mold, but also favors the formation of lint balls. Long-fiber cotton responds better to mercerization.

The characteristics of Coats Tridalia thread are:

Each ball of yarn contains 200 grams of weight. It is also presented in 50 grs. of weight. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, we can knit with Crochet 5 - 10. If the yarn is No. 3, it will be woven with a 1.75 mm crochet hook. If it is No. 5 it will be woven with a 1.5 mm crochet .. If it is No. 8, it will be knitted with a hook of No. 1.25 mm. It is a thread suitable for washing at a maximum of 30ºC. It is suitable for ironing. Steam ironing is recommended. Machine drying is not recommended. Drying is recommended on a horizontal surface.Tridalia Coats crochet thread to make the highest quality

200 grams 100% Cotton Crochet needles

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