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3,5 for every ball

DMC Angel ball of silky and shiny yarn

DMC Angel

It is a very soft yarn, made of bamboo and wool that will give you great warmth and insulate you from the heat. Available in different colours, you can combine them to create all kinds of garments, crafts and accessories customized to your taste. It gives the fabric a soft and fresh touch and a luminous appearance. This combination will make DMC Angel yarn very soft to the touch and comfortable to wear next to the skin.

The composition of DMC Angel yarn is:

Bamboo viscose 80%. Wool 20 The thread from bamboo is 100% natural cellulose. It has a number of advantages over other yarns: it is a natural antibacterial, it is biodegradable and its decomposition does not cause any type of pollution in the environment. Natural bamboo fibres provide a high thermal capacity and help to evaporate sweat from the skin. In addition, it is a very resistant and lightweight fabric.

The characteristics of DMC Angel yarn are:

Each ball contains 50 grams in weight and 95 meters in length. The needles to be used for this wool are 4 mm, both for knitting and crochet. To knit a square of 10 x 10 centimetres, you will have to assemble 22 stitches and work 28 turns. The yarn is made up of 6 very fine threads. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certifies that this product is free of harmful substances that could damage the health of the consumer. It can be machine washed at 40ºC maximum. It is not recommended that this fabric be tumble-dried or ironed. Make all kinds of crafts, garments and accessories with this beautiful and fine wool DMC Angel. From today, your scarves, sweaters, hats, jackets and many other pieces will have an original and personalized touch to your taste. DMC Angel is the perfect yarn to weave soft and fine pieces, since its thin thread made of bamboo and wool will allow you to make beautiful and warm clothing for children and adults. Its great quality will also allow you to create resistant accessories for your home.DMC Angel ball of silky and shiny yarn

50 Grams, 80% bamboo viscose, 20% wool, Needles 3,5 - 4, Crochet 3,5, 95 Meters

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