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4,9 for every ball

DMC Cloud ball of printed wool very soft

DMC Cloud

It is a ball of very soft, super fluffy and extra soft stamped wool that offers a great quality to knit warm clothes for the little ones. Its soft quilted curl texture offers a very soft gender on the skin that you will love both you and children. Cloud by DMC is a super fluffy and very soft wool that resembles fluffy clouds. It is ideal for knitting sweet clothes and accessories for children and babies. It is recommended to knit coats, ponchos, vests, scarves, collars, hats and other great fluffy outerwear for the little ones. In addition, you can make soft blankets, cushions and stuffed animals. The colors offered by these balls are blends of shades in a degraded way, with very soft color changes ideal for children.

The composition of the DMC Cloud wool is:

100% polyester. Synthetic polyester fiber that is mainly used in the textile industry. "Polyester is combined with natural fibers to give them practical properties." Polyester is a category of elastomers that contains the ester functional group in its main chain. Polyesters that exist in nature are known since 1830, but the term polyester generally refers to synthetic polyesters, derived from heavy fractions of petroleum. Polyester fiber is a comfortable fiber, treated to provide great softness and much more resistant than other fibers. This makes it ideal for making garments for children, since it offers a high resistance to corrosion keeping your clothes in perfect condition despite the use and washing.

The characteristics of the DMC Cloud wool are:

Each ball contains 50 grams of weight and 124 meters in length. It can be knitted with knitting needles or 5.5 mm crochet hooks. To make a 10 x 10 cm square mount 14 points and work 19 laps. To knit a baby coat of size 3 months up to 12 months, 2 balls are needed. To knit a child's coat from size 18 months up to 24 months, 3 balls are necessary. The wool is suitable for machine washing at a maximum of 40ºC. Ironing is allowed at medium temperature. It is not suitable for the use of the dryer. Horizontal drying is recommended. Contains Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. This wool certifies its great quality.  Children and babies will feel warm while comfortable with coats, sweaters or ponchos, among others, woven with this wool.DMC Cloud ball of printed wool very soft

50 Grams, 100% Polyester, Needles 5.5 - 6, Crochet 5.5, 124 Meters

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