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Revelation of Lanas DMC large multi-colored ball

Wool DMC Revelation

. DMC Revelation are balls of multicolored wool of 150 grams and 520 meters, available in precious mixtures of colors, which form a cheerful combination throughout your work. Jersey, Challis and other fine fabrics can be reproduced with acrylic fibres. The cost of fabrics and garments made with acrylic fibers is similar to good quality wool, but they are especially suitable for people allergic to wool. DMC Revelation wool is a wool available in beautiful color blends. The strand changes color by mixing different shades throughout your work. It is perfect for weaving scarves, shawls, ponchos, scarves, handkerchiefs and other garments or accessories using only one ball. With this wool is possible to make complements with a single ball, as the large amount of grams and meters offered by each skein is enough to make it. The mixture of acrylic fiber with wool forms a high quality fabric. The wool is responsible for your garments provide a pleasant warmth, maintaining body temperature.

The composition of DMC Revelation Wool is:

. 80% Acrylic 20% Wool Acrylic fibre is a synthetic fibre made from acrylonitrile, from which its generic name derives. Acrylonitrile was first obtained in Germany in 1893. It was one of the chemicals used by Carothers and its team in the fundamental research on high polymers conducted at Du Pont. Du Pont developed an acrylic fiber in 1944 and began commercial production of them in 1950. It was given the trade name Orlon. Acrylics are the most similar to wool. Carpet fibers appear to be wool and baby fabrics appear to be wool, but they are softer and their care is much simpler. The first acrylic fibers produced pilling and the garments were stretched and bagged (instead of shrinking, like wool) but these problems were solved by using proper structures in the yarns and fabric. Acrylics can be ironed, they also have the ability to develop a latent shrinkage potential and retain it indefinitely at room temperature. Durability Acrylic fibers are not as durable as nylon, polyester, or olefin fibers, but for clothing and household uses their strength is satisfactory. The first orlon was produced in filament form with almost as good a strength as nylon. The resistance of acrylics to dyes and the high cost of production limited their use in these end uses. Success was later achieved by using short fibers of lower strength. Comfort Acrylic fibers are soft and can sometimes cause allergies or hives in the contact area of the garment. They have a density of 1.14-1.15 g/cc, which makes them much lighter than wool. Moisture recovery varies from 1.30 to 3.0%. Large volume acrylic fibers provide heat in lightweight fabrics. Care and Maintenance Acrylic fibers have good resistance to most chemicals, except strong alkalis and chlorine-based bleaches. The combustion characteristics of acrylic fibres are similar to those of acetate. The fibers soften, catch fire and burn freely, decomposing to leave a black, brittle residue. It gives off an aromatic chemical odour, very different from the vinegar odour of acetate. The difference in flammability between acrylic and modacrylic fibres is a result of the high content of acrylonitrile in acrylic fibres. Modacrylic, where the content of this substance is much lower. The acrylic fiber is responsible for keeping your fabrics as the first day. This fiber avoids balls and lint in your fabrics, despite the use and washing your garment will remain perfect.

The characteristics of DMC Revelation wool are:

. Each ball contains 150 grams of weight and 520 meters of length. It can be knitted with 4-5 knitting needles or 4 mm crochet. To weave a scarf, scarf or handkerchief you only need 1 ball. With this wool it is possible to make complements with a single ball. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm mount 22 points and work 28 turns. It is a wool suitable for machine washing at maximum 40 º C. It allows the use of the iron at low temperature. It is not suitable for the use of the dryer. Acrylics can be dry-cleaned; in some garments the finish is lost and the fabric will feel rough. These fibers are resistant to moths and fungi. Acrylic fibers have excellent sunlight resistance. It is ideal for weaving scarves, handkerchiefs, foulards and other tasks using only 1 ball. Revelation of Lanas DMC large multi-colored ball

150 Grams, 100% Acrylic, Needles 4 - 4,5, Crochet 4, 520 Meters

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