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3,28 for every ball
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Caroline de katia wool mesh tape

Caroline de lanas katia

The skeins of Caroline are formed by a ribbon of mesh fabric. It is a mesh for fun summer work. It can be worked as if it were a woven ribbon, it can simply be sewn on both sides like an interlocking.

Caroline's composition of wool katia is:

It is an 85% Acrylic mesh tape. Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made from the chemicals used by Carothers and his team in the fundamental research on high polymers that was carried out at the company Du Pont. Du Pont developed an acrylic fiber in 1944 and started commercial production of them in 1950. He was given the commercial name of Orlon. Acrylics are the most similar to wool. The fibers for carpets seem to be wool and the fabrics for baby seem to be made of wool, but they are softer and their care is much simpler. The sweater, the challis and other fine fabrics can be reproduced with acrylic fibers. The cost of fabrics and garments made with acrylic fibers is similar to good quality wool, but they are especially suitable for people allergic to wool. The first acrylic fibers produced folds (pilling) and the garments were stretched and folded (instead of shrinking, like wool) but these problems were solved by using appropriate structures in the threads and the fabric. Acrylics can be ironed, they also have the ability to develop a potential for latent shrinkage and retain it indefinitely at room temperature.

Caroline's characteristics of wool katia are:

Skeins of 50 grams of weight that are worked with needles 4,5 - 5. Each skein is 10 meters long. It is a quality that can be used to make works like scarves of ruffles, you can also work as if it were a woven ribbon you can simply sew on both sides as an interlocking. Acrylic fibers have good resistance to most chemicals, except strong alkalis and chlorine-based bleaches. Acrylics can be dry-cleaned; in some garments the finish is lost and the fabric will feel rough. These fibers are resistant to moths and fungi. Acrylic fibers have excellent resistance to sunlight. The combustion characteristics of acrylic fibers are similar to that of acetates. The fibers soften, ignite and burn freely, decomposing to leave a black and brittle residue. It gives off an aromatic chemical odor, very different from the vinegar smell of the acetates. The difference in flammability of acrylic and modacrylic fibers is a result of the high content of acrylonitrile in acrylics. Modacrylics, where the content of this substance is much lower.

50 Grams 85 % Acrylic Needles 4.5 to 5 meters 10

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