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Cashwool Wool cashmere wool skein Katia

Cashwool de Lanas Katia

  It is a ball of wool with very soft and fluffy cashmere. Ideal for your winter jerseys, scarves, collars and even jackets.

The composition of Cashwool de Lanas Katia

50 grams of virgin wool 60% Cashmere 10%. This makes the wool very soft and tasty and gives your clothes a spongy and warm appearance. It is a wool of high quality, with a finishing process that makes it one of the wool with more category of Katia wool.

Cashwool characteristics of Katia wool are:

50-gram cleats of virgin wool to work with knitting needles of No. 4 - 4.5 or crochet hooks of No. 4. To work a long-sleeved sweater size 40 you will need about 8 balls. Ideal for your winter jerseys, scarves, collars and even jackets.Katia Yarn Cashwool skein of wool with very fluffy cashmere

50 Grams of 60 % Virgin Wool 10% Cashmere needles 4 to 4.5

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