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4,5 for every ball
PVP recomendado por la marca: 5,5 €

Darling Wool thin stamped long cycle Katia

Darling by Lanas Katia

A fine, long-cycle printed wool, ideal for crochet needles Katie wool yarn is a wool characterized by its great mixes and color combinations. A marble wool of very fine thickness with a unique color combination. The long cycle of stamping makes that its color mix allows you to weave colorful garments, which will form stripes of different thicknesses and colors, providing a unique blend. Among the range of colors offered by Katia's Darling wool, you will find striking colors perfectly combined among them, and more discreet colors with different shades, to choose the one that best suits the work you want to do.

The wool composition Katia Darling is:

60% Merino superwash 40% Polyamide Its high natural fiber content offers great advantages over the skin; Tenderness, softness, warmth and sweetness, that you will love to wear both you and the little ones. Its properties regulate body temperature, sheltering you on cold days.

The characteristics of Katia Darling wool are:

In each ball you will find 50 grams of wool and 190 meters. For its thin thickness, we recommend working with 2½ - 3 mm knitting needles or 1.75 mm crochet hooks. To knit a size 40 short sleeve jersey you need 5 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 30 points and work 38 laps. Machine washable at 30ºC maximum and with short spin. In addition, its Superwash treatment allows you to wash it in your washing machine without problems. A treatment that allows you to benefit from garments composed of natural fibers, being able to wash them quickly without complications. It can be ironed at a maximum of 110ºC. This collection is especially recommended to work for autumn-winter garments as the warmth it provides will be perfect for those cold seasons. A fine wool with a range of colors for both children and adults, as well as being ideal for delicate skin. to its fiber composition.Katia Darling Wool thin stamped long cycle , ideal for crochet needles

50 Grams of Lana Merino 60 % Nylon 40 % Needles 2,5 - 3

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