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3,5 for every ball

Futura Katia wool ball stamped mechada

Katia's future

It is a ball of stamped printed wool with thicker pieces ideal for jackets, and large collars. It is a multicolored wool with acrylic mixture and wrapped in a black thread, which makes it different from the rest and very easy to work with two needles or crochet No. 6. Futura wool is characterized by its soft touch but extra-thick term , ideal for sensitive skin. You will find this and other wool in all the colors of the reference brand in Spain, the firm Katia has a wide color chart.

The composition of Futura de lana Katia is:

 Wool balls of composition 60% Acrylic - 40% Natural wool.  a composition that gives that youthful appearance to the quality and brightness of the colors.

Futura characteristics of Katia wool are:

Each ball has a weight of 50g and about 65m in length. This quality of wool can be worked with knitting needles of 5½ - 6 or with crochet of nº 6. It can be washed dry at not very high temperatures, avoid twisting when you go to lay them horizontally and can be ironed at medium temperature. Futura wool is characterized by its soft touch but extra thick term, ideal for sensitive skin. A great wool for its thickness and its colors to elaborate neat collars and jackets. You will find this and other wool in all the colors of the referring brand in Spain, the signature Katia has a wide color chart.Futura Katia wool ball stamped with shredded pieces ideal for thicker jacket

50 Grams Virgin Wool 40 % Acrylic Needles 60 % from 5.5 to 6

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