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6,5 for every ball
PVP recomendado por la marca: 7,99 €

Inca Wool Yarn Katia thick stamped

Inca de Lanas Katia

It is a thick printed wool ideal for jerseys and warm jackets. Katia Inca is a thick and mottled wool with which you can knit garments and great coat complements in precious mixtures of colors. In addition to being characterized by its thickness, it offers another quality, a wide range of variegated colors to choose from. This wool can weave garments for children or adults. Jerseys, vests, ponchos, dresses, shawls, hats, scarves, collars and more, an infinity of perfect creations for men or women. Precious mixtures of colors that will form stripes of different colors in your work. You can even weave baskets, puffs and more fantastic accessories to decorate the home.

The composition of the Katia Inca wool is:

53% Wool 47% Acrylic The wool fiber offers good thermal regulation, which will warm you perfectly on cold winter days. It has a very nice touch that will make your clothes very comfortable to wear. The wool is a natural fiber that is obtained from goats (goat and, mainly, sheep), and other animals such as llamas, alpacas, guanacos, vicuñas or rabbits, through a process called shearing. It is used in the textile industry to make products such as bags, blankets, gloves, socks, sweaters, etc. Wool products are mostly used in cold areas because their use keeps body heat; This is due to the nature of the fiber of the material. The large number of sheep breeds and the varying influence of the animal's living conditions act on the characteristics of the wool. The classification of the wool is made taking into account a series of characteristics, of which the most important are: fineness, length, regularity in the degree of kinking and uniformity, strength and elongation, elasticity, flexibility, color, brightness and performance.

The characteristics of Katia Inca wool are:

Each Inca ball is made up of 100 grams and 100 meters. Its high thickness is ideal for working with 8 - 9 mm knitting needles. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves you need 4 balls of wool. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 9 points and work 11 laps. It is suitable for washing up to 30ºC and with short spin. Suitable for ironing up to 110ºC maximum. Use the Inca wool of Katia wool to weave warm garments and accessories or original accessories with a perfect combination of colors. Katia wool yarn is a thick wool recommended to knit your work of greater shelter as coats, jackets with which to protect you from the cold in the days of autumn - winter.Inca Wool Yarn Katia thick stamped ideal for warm sweaters and jackets

100 Virgin Wool 53 grams of % 47 % Acrylic Needles 8-9

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