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11,95 for every ball

Infinity of Wool

Infinity of Lanas Katia

It is a ball of Merino gamma in three colors ideal for knitting shawls and dragon tails. Katia Infinity is a merino wool prepared to knit complements using only 1 ball. It offers a marbled look while degraded in its colors, which brings a special touch to the finish of your clothes and accessories. Infinity of wool Katia is a merino wool that combines two effects in its color, offers degraded colors at the same time as mottled with little motes on its fabric. This combination gives a beautiful look to your woven projects knitted or crocheted. It is an ideal wool to knit garments or soft accessories in precious colors. Perfect to make shawls, ponchos, foulards, scarves, collars, sweaters, jackets and any warm work for your coat.

Katia Infinity wool composition is:

100% Pure merino wool This wool offers quality fabrics, with an excellent softness to the touch that will warm you with great sweetness on your skin. These fibers are excellent thermal regulators, which keeps body heat pleasantly. This type of wool offers a very pleasant texture for delicate and sensitive skins, which makes it ideal for both children and adults.

Katia's Infinity features are:

Each ball is composed of 100 grams and 310 meters. Its thickness is recommended for knitting with 4 - 5 mm knitting needles or with 3 - 3.5 mm knitting needles. With 3 balls you can knit a size 40 jersey. With 1 ball you can knit a complement like a scarf, vest or scarf, in addition to many others. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, he has 19 points and works 26 laps. It is a wool recommended to wash by hand. It is suitable for using the iron at maximum 110ºC. It is not suitable for the use of the dryer. It is recommended to dry horizontally without tender. Its main color degrades to another tone of the same range but much more clear and, at the same time, it is combined with small flecked spots in white or black, depending on the ball. Katia wool offers a quality wool with a beautiful effect in its color, which you will love to make garments and accessories of extra warmth with an extra soft touch to keep you warm in autumn and winter. The balls are prepared to weave accessories such as scarves, shawls, scarves or scarves just using 1 ball.Infinity of Wool Katia Merino ball of wool in three colors ideal for knitting shawls and dragon tails

100 Grams, 100% Merino Wool, Needles 4 - 5, Crochet 4.5, 310 Meters

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