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11,5 for every ball

Irina Wool Katia skein velvet embossed

Irina de Lanas Katia

It is a thick skein of printed velvet ideal for collars, scarves and accessories. Irina de Lanas Katia skein with a strand of thick and patterned velvet ideal for collars, scarves, and accessories. You can find it in various colors printed with different combinations all in very elegant dark tones.

Irina's composition of Katia wool is:

They are skeins of 125 Grams composed of 100% Acrylic making a velvety effect to each strand of wool.

Irina's characteristics of Katia wool are:

They are skeins of 125 Grams and 26 meters of thick velvet hair wool ideal for large necks and scarves. You can work with Needles 8 - 9 point. It is recommended to wash by hand and lay on a horizontal surface. For a scarf you will only need an Irina tangles. Irina is ideal for collars and scarves, although there may be an incIrina Wool Katia skein velvet ideal for necks stamped , scarves, and accessories

125 grams Acrylic 100 % Needles 8 - 9 Meters 26

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