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4,14 for every ball
PVP recomendado por la marca: 4,99 €

Oceania by Lanas Katia linen and silk thread bicol

Oceania de Lanas Katia

It is a two-tone linen and silk thread, for knitting or crochet garments, with the typical texture of linen and the shine of silk. Katia Oceania is a mottled yarn composed of linen, viscose and cotton, which offers striped fabrics in two-tone stripes combined with white. Its gender is soft and fresh, ideal for spring - summer. These balls are available in 8 different colors, where each of them is combined with another tone of its same range in different hue height. That is, it combines a light color with a darker color, combined with a small mottled and thin stripes in white tone. Ideal for garments such as t-shirts, shawls, jackets or collars for summer.

The composition of the Katia Oceania thread is:

58% Linen 26% Viscose 16% Cotton The linen thread gives it a natural stiffness that together with the cotton that gives it freshness and the viscose that gives softness and fall make this a fresh fabric, with a somewhat shiny finish and very comfortable for warm seasons. Oceania de lana Katia is a yarn for warm seasons such as spring or summer, which is composed of a mixture of linen, viscose and cotton.

The characteristics of Katia's Oceania thread are:

Each ball contains 50 grams and 150 meters. Its thickness is indicated for knitting with knitting needles of 3½ - 4 mm and with crochet of 3 - 3½ mm. With only 4 balls you can knit a size 40 jersey in short sleeves. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 18 points and work 25 laps. It is suitable for machine washing up to 30ºC. It can be ironed at a low temperature. It is not suitable to use dryer. It is recommended to dry on a horizontal surface. The combination of fibers of this yarn, its mixture of tones and its perfect finish offer a comfortable, fresh yarn, with very original texture for your projects of spring - summer. This yarn contains a mixture of two colors in the same range that offers fabrics with stripes in two different shades separated by a thin strip of white.Oceania de Lanas Katia thread of linen and silk two-color, for knitting or making crocheted garments, with the typical texture of linen and silk sheen.

50 Grams, 58% Flax, 26% Viscose, 16% Cotton, Needles 3,5 - 4, Crochet 3, 150 Meters

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