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6 for every ball

Katia Yarn Amigurumi bag of colored thread

Katia Yarn Amigurumi bag of colored thread specially designed for amigurimis with 10 balls of 10 grams each. Amigurumi de Lanas Katia bag of colored threads specially designed to make amigurimis with 10 balls of 10 grams each.

Katia Amigurumi It is a pack with 10 balls of yarn in different colors to knit amigurumi, dolls or any mini project. In total it contains 100 grams. Amigurumi of wool Katia are packs of 10 balls of thread perfect for knitting fabulous knitted or crocheted dolls. With a single pack of Amigurumis you will have enough colors to carry out many projects since in a single package you will have up to ten different colors available to use in your project. Each set includes 10 small balls and each ball takes 10 grams, which in total make 100 grams of wool. We have four different kits, in each one they change the colors of the balls so that you can choose the one that best suits your amigurumi.

The composition ofAmigurumi is: 100% cotton A totally natural spinning, which will give your creations a touch of soft and fine cotton. Ideal for amigurumis of babies, children and adults. With this quality we can make the so-called Solidarity Pulpitos that we like so much in hospitals for our premature babies.

Each package contains: 10 balls with 10 grams of weight and 33 meters of length each one. Its thickness is ideal for working with 2½ - 3 mm knitting needles or with 2½ mm crochet needles. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm you need to mount 24 points and work 33 laps. Machine washable up to 30ºC or in cold water. Suitable for ironing up to 110ºC. These threads are ideal for realizing small dolls and crochet or knitted animals, and for any type of decoration for the home such as cactus, pots, lace, ... Animals, fruits, cakes, dolls, monsters ... there is an infinity of different amigurumis to weave.

100 grams 100% Cotton Needles 2.5 to 3 2.5 Crochet

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