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Wool Katia ARAN PLUS

5,5 for every ball

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5,5 for every ball

Plus Merino Wool Aran Katia curled print

Plus Merino Wool Aran Katia curled print Merino wool ideal for knitting medium thickness jerseys Merino Aran Plus from Lanas Katia ball of merino wool with medium thickness ideal for knitting sweaters

Katia Merino Aran It is a wool with high content of natural fiber that we call Superwash, this means apt for the washer and dryer. It offers a wide range of colorful colors, being an especially warm wool ideal for babies, children and adults for its delicacy and softness.  To make all kinds of combinations in your clothes, accessories and accessories knitted or crochet we recommend this wool that will give a great result in jackets and jerseys especially, although it is ideal in necks and scarves for its pleasant touch. It has a medium thin thickness, perfect for knitting dense and really soft garments, ideal for babies, children and adults.

The composition of the Lana Katia Merino Arán is: 52% Superwash Merino Wool 48% Acrylic Thanks to this composition this wool brings softness and comfort in your clothes, for this reason it is highly recommended for the skins of babies and children. By having such a high percentage of merino wool the fiber provides excellent quality, fine, light and very soft. Due to its Superwash treatment, this wool is suitable for washing in a washing machine, which offers great advantages when washing. In addition, this fiber is a great thermal regulator, which will keep you warm on the coldest days.

Each ball of Lana Arán Plus consists of: In each ball of this wool you will find 100 grams of weight and 155 meters of length. Because of its thickness, the use of needles for a point of 4½ - 5½ mm is recommended. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves you only need 4 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 16 points and work 20 laps. Thanks to its composition the wool acquires properties suitable for the use of the dryer or the washing machine, provided that it is not washed with water superior of 30º and in washings with cold water.

100 Grams of 52% Virgin Wool 48% Acrylic Needles 4,5 - 5

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