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Wool Katia CASHMERE 30

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5,95 for every ball

Cashmere 30 from Lanas Katia Concept cashmere wool

Cashmere 30 de Lanas Katia Concept Merino Extrafine wool and Cashmere, which as a result give a high quality, to knit high standing garments

Cashmere 30 from Lanas Katia Concept

It is an Extrafine Merino wool and Cashmere, which as a result give a high quality, to weave high standing garments. Very pleasant for sensitive and irritated skin. Cashmere 30 from Katia is a wool from the Concept by Katia range composed of Merino and Kashmir, ideal to knit soft and warm autumn and winter work. This type of wool is perfect for knitting garments for children, babies or adults. It is ideal for hand-woven fashion, subtle and elegant, at the same time comfortable. Jerseys, dresses, collars, scarves and many more clothes to protect you from the cold this winter. The mixture of its composition provides a high elegance to your work, with perfect finishes.

The composition of the Katia Cashmere 30 wool is:

70% Merino Extrafine wool 30% Cashmere wool This wool contains a perfect combination of fibers, the merino fiber, which is very thin and thin, very pleasant in contact with the skin with an exceptional softness, besides being a good thermal regulator. On the other hand, it contains cashmere fiber is also a really soft fiber, soft, silky and very light. A perfect blend of fibers that make it one of the highest quality wool. In addition, they are very resistant, will provide long life to your clothes, accessories or accessories woven with these balls.

The characteristics of Katia Cashmere 30 are:

Each ball of wool contains 25 grams and 94 meters approximately. It is perfect for working with 3 - 4 mm needles and with 3 - 3½ mm crochet hooks. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves, you need 10 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm you must mount 22 points and work 31 passes. Hand washing is recommended to keep the fabric looking like new. It can be ironed, always with caution and low temperature. The wool of the Concept range are very pleasant to the touch, they give you the great advantages of the quality and warmth of the natural fibers.

20 Grams, 70% Merino Wool, 30% Cashmere, Needles 3 - 4, Crochet 3, 94 Meters

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