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5,4 for every ball

Guadalupe wool cotton lace mesh Katia

Guadalupe de lanas Katia

It is a cotton mesh with lace. With this woven yarn you can make all kinds of accessories such as shawls, spikes, and you can even work cutting the ribbons and sewing them together as if it were a fabric. You will have some light and unique garments that you will love.

The composition of Guadalupe de lanas Katia is:

  It is composed of 70% Acrylic Cotton 22%.

The characteristics of Guadalupe de lanas Katia are:

Each skein contains 50 grams of mesh, or about 7 meters. It is a cotton mesh with lace. It can be washed in a washing machine. It can be ironed at a moderate temperature. You can knit with knitting needles and you can work by sewing two meshes together and forming rows to then cut the cm. that you need. You will have some thin and light clothes.Katia Guadalupe wool cotton mesh with lace

50 Grams 70 % Cotton 22 % Acrylic 7 Meters

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