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Wool Katia IRIS

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5,9 for every ball

Iris of Lanas Katia curled metallic linen

Iris of Lanas Katia

It is a ball of linen yarn with a metalized lamé thread ideal for very open party garments and with a precious soft shine that will make your party garments glamorous. Due to the high proportion of linen that it carries is a spinning of great quality and beauty. Dresses, shawls, beaks and many more garments will be luxurious ideal for a great occasion.

The composition of Iris de lana Katia is:

Iris de Lanas Katia ball of linen with a strand of metallic. Each ball is composed of 50 grams of linen 52% polyester 47%. The strand of lame metalized yarn is polyester of this quality. Iris de Lanas Katia ball of linen yarn with metallic ideal for very openwork parties

The Iris features of Katia wool are:

It comes in a ball of 50 grams of weight. Work with needles 3,5 - 4 of knit or with hooks of nº 3-3,5. For a long-sleeved sweater size 40 you will need about 6 balls of Iris. It can be washed although it is recommended to wash by hand so that the metallic lame is not damaged. It can be steam ironed. A special spinning that will dress your most special moments of fantasy and brightness.Iris of Lanas Katia Lino ball of yarn with ideal holiday prndas very puffs Metallic

50 grams Flax 52 Needles % Polyester 47 % 3,5 - 4

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