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Wool Katia JUNIOR

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5 for every ball

Junior skein of Lanas Katia thick wool heather

Junior of Lanas Katia

It is a ball of mottled thick wool wick at a very good price. The colors of this wool are very attractive, with white or gray flecked spots, which give it a fun touch that will make your work woven with the Junior wool are very cheerful and original, with a spectacular result. Katia Junior is a thick wool mottled , ideal for designing your winter clothes in a mix of colors for both children and adults.

The composition of the Katia Junior wool is:

75% Acrylic 25% Wool Its mixture provides a smooth finish with pleasant touch, very comfortable in contact with the skin. Its mixture of colors will form beautiful combinations in the fabric, forming strips in different colors with white or gray spots that give it a very original touch. In addition, its wool fiber composition is very good thermal regulator since the wool does not let heat escape of the body and keeps it warm.

The characteristics of the Katia Junior wool are:

Each ball contains 100 grams of weight and about 80 meters in length. Its thickness is ideal for using 9 - 10 mm knitting needles. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves you need 4 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 8 points and work 11 laps. It can be machine washed up to 30ºC and in the wool program of your washing machine. It is suitable for ironing up to 110 ° C maximum.l.Junior Katia wool, is a variegated wool characterized by being thick and multicolored, ideal to give color and joy to your warm clothes of autumn - winter. Make winter clothes with Katia Junior, both for children and adults. Ideal for scarves, collars, jackets and sweaters.Junior Heather Yarn Katia curled thick wool roving at a great price

100 Grams of 25% Virgin Wool 75% Acrylic Needles 9 -10

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