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Wool Katia LAPONIA

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6,95 for every ball

Lapland of Lanas Katia ball of printed wick

Lapland Wool Katia

Katia Lapland wool is a printed and marbled wick wool that combines different tones. It offers a very original curly texture that will give life to your garments or complements for children and adults. Alpaca fiber appears in nature in approximately 32 shades, making it an attractive alternative for top designers around the world. The versatility of Alpaca fiber allows it to be transformed into knitted or flat garments, accessories and crafts. This multicolored wool will get a different and original design in your winter garments thanks to its curl and spongy.

The composition of Katia Lapland Wool is:

. 74% Acrylic 17% Wool 8% Alpaca 1% Polyester Alpacas (lama pacos) are one of the most beautiful South American camelids. Related to Llamas, Guanacos and Vicuñas, Alpacas have been valued for their fiber since pre-Inca times due to the properties and quality of their hair. There are two main types of alpacas: Huacayo and Suri. Alpaca is a silky, soft and durable fiber that has unique thermal properties due to the microscopic air pockets found inside. These pockets allow the animal to breathe through the fibers on warm days, and likewise retain body heat at low temperatures. It is also an elastic and non-flammable fiber.

The characteristics of Wool Katia Lapland are:

. Each ball contains 100 grams of weight and 75 meters of length. It can be knitted with 8 - 9 mm knitting needles or with 8 - 9 mm crochet. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm mount 8 points and work 12 turns. It is a wool suitable for machine washing at maximum 30 º C. It is suitable for ironing at 110ºC maximum. To weave a size 40 sweater you will need 4 balls. It is not suitable for the use of the dryer. Horizontal drying is recommended. Create coats for children and adults, warm sweaters to protect you from the cold or layers of original colors. Katia Lapland wool is a curly textured wool with high thickness that will form thick and warm fabrics with a marbled color effect.Lapland of Lanas Katia ball of printed wick

100 Grams, 74% Acrylic, 17% Wool, 1% Polyester, Needles 8 - 9, Crochet 8, Meters 75,

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