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Wool Katia LASER

4,5 for every ball

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4,5 for every ball

Laser skein of Lanas Katia bright for holidays

Lanas Katia laser

It is a funny bright ball of licks for party garments such as shawls, beaks or those party sweaters, elegant and glamorous. Lanas Katia Laser is a bright ball for party that will make your clothes are unique and special celebrations. You can also make very special handbags and lustrous with this thread quality.

The Katia wool laser composition is:

It is presented in balls of 50 Grams whose composition is Acetate 78% Polyester 12% Laser Lanas Katia bright ball of lame for bright and elegant party garments. The acetate of this spinning gives it a silky look to the thread and the polyester is the one that gives the metallic shine to the lame.

The Laser characteristics of Katia wool are:

It is a bright ball of licks to work with 3 - 3.5 knit needles or 3 knit crochet. For a shawl, about 6 balls are usually used. For a size 40 sweater with long sleeves, about 7 balls will be used. It can be washed by hand and steam ironing recommended. It is a bright spinning with silk shine and a bright strand of lamé that gives it a metallic shine also special for those precious and delicate garments to wear at a party.Laser Yarn Katia licks ball bright holiday clothes

50 Grams 78 % Acetate 12 % Polyester Needle 3 - 3,5

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