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Wool Katia LINO

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4,5 for every ball

Lino 100% wool yarn skein Katia Linen

Linen 100% Linen Katia

It is a ball of fine pure linen thread ideal for crochet needles. This linen is perfect for weaving time jackets, summer blouses, bags and necklaces, in addition to many other garments, accessories or accessories, This yarn from Katia is very recommended for people who can only use natural fabrics, without polyester or synthetic. Its composition is linen in its entirety.

The Katia wool linen composition is:

Linen 100% Katia wool, is a natural yarn composed of linen fiber in its entirety, perfect for knitting garments for men or women, it is also widely used to weave accessories and accessories. Katia 100% Linen offers us this natural thread composed of linen fiber in its entirety, of very good quality. More rigid, strong and resistant than other threads.

The characteristics of Katia Lino 100% are:

Each ball of this thread contains 50 grams and 150 meters. To obtain a better finish, it is recommended to use 5 and 5.5 mm knitting needles or 2.5 and 3 mm crochet hooks. For a size 40 short sleeve jersey you need 5 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, he assembles 17 points and works 23 laps. It is suitable for machine washing up to 30ºC and with short spin. It can be ironed up to 110ºC maximum. Flax fiber is a natural fiber that is rigid, strong and resistant, very fresh to the touch and breathable. Ideal for spring-summer because it is a natural fiber that makes the skin breathe and therefore is more fresh and pleasant.Linen 100 % Wool Katia ball of pure linen yarn ideal for fine crochet needles

50 grams 100 % Lino Needles 5 to 5.5 meters 150

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