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Wool Katia LOOK

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5,39 for every ball

Lanas Katia look stamping ball flamé

Katia wool look

It is a ball of handmade flamé of medium cycle with cheerful and funny colors. Article designed for young, carefree clothes, very easy to weave, special for beginners, to work in plain knit. Katia Look is an extra-thick and variegated wool, very warm and colorful, perfect for the coldest season. Its strand combines different colors and thicknesses. Katia wool look is one of the new wool offered by this brand, a mottled wool with a mix of colors in bright colors. Due to its high thickness, this new wool is designed especially for the colder seasons such as autumn and winter. The wool brings warmth and is very light, ideal to make a scarf or a neck.

The composition of the Katia Look wool is:

75% Acrylic 25% Virgin wool A mixture of fibers that provide warmth and an excellent touch, very soft for, in addition to warm, provide great comfort to your clothes.

The characteristics of the Katia Look wool are:

Each skein of Look wool contains 100 grams and 70 meters. To make your work perfectly, it is recommended to use a 10 to 12 mm needle. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves you will need 5 balls. To make a 10 x 10 cm square, mount 7 points and work 9 laps. This wool is machine washable up to 30ºC. It can be ironed with caution, always up to a maximum of 110ºC. A wool that combines different colors and thicknesses, that will bring a different and characteristic fabric. It is ideal for knitting ponchos, jerseys, jackets, vests or collars for children or adults. Katia Look is a variegated wool of different shades and colors, which also combines parts of its wider strand with finer parts.Look for handmade wool ball Katia flamé half cycle pattern in bright, fun colors. Garments intended for young and carefree, very easy to knit, especially for beginners article, to work in stocking stitch.

100 Grams Acrylic 75% Wool 25% virgin needles 10-12, 70 Meters

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