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5,5 for every ball

Manhattan Yarn Katia curled ribbons suede

Manhattan of Lanas Katia

It is a ball of wool with suede ribbons with modal fabric which gives an informal and casual look to your accessories. This composition gives it a lot of softness giving this wool a great quality. Get your accessories such as scarves, jackets or vests of basic style with crochet work a current touch.

The Manhattan composition of Katia wool is:

It is a wool of composition 32% Micro Modal - 27% Merino Wool - 27% Acrylic - 14% Polyamide, This composition gives it a lot of softness giving this wool a great quality. The micro modal spinning is a very soft synthetic fiber that gives the garments a very pleasant touch ideal to wear next to the skin.

Manhattan features of katia wool are:

They are presented in 50 gr balls. of weight and 24m of length to work with knitting needles of 12 - 15. For a foulard you will need from 3 balls, and for a long sleeve jacket of size 40 you will need about 8 balls. It can be washed in the washing machine. It can be dried on a horizontal surface. It can be steam ironed. Ball of Manhattan, modern, current and desfando with mix of elements of the firm Katia creates complements with personality.Manhattan Katia Yarn skein of wool with ribbons to modal fabric which gives it casual appearance

50 Grams of Lana virgin 27 % Modal 32 % Needles 12-15

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