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Park Avenue Katia Yarn skein wool fabric

Park Avenue de Lanas Katia

It is a skein of woolen fabric to make scarves and necks. Park Avenue de Katia is an original type of very thick woven single-strand wool, perfect for making original scarves, vests or jerseys. Available in different shades, you can combine them to make garments or accessories to your taste, personalized with the colors you want.

The composition of Park Avenue Lanas Katia is:

37% acrylic 35% polyamide 28% Kid Mohair The kid mohair is a wool from the hair of the Angora goat, which is characterized by great softness and beautiful hair.

The Park Avenue features of Katia wools are:

Each ball has 75 grams and 12.75 meters in length. The use of knitting needles of No. 4-4.5 is recommended. It must be washed by hand and it is advisable not to use a dryer for this fabric. It can be ironed preferably with steam. This wool is designed especially for the seasons of autumn and winter, for its warmth and softness to the touch. Park Avenue de Katia is a perfect type of wool to make scarves, scarves and jerseys with original shapes and very original designs different to everything you have been able to knit previously. You will be surprised by its smoothness and texture. Knit all kinds of garments, accessories and accessories with this original type of wool.Park Avenue Katia Yarn skein of wool fabric to make scarves and collars

75 grams 28 % Kid Mohair Needles 4 to 4.5 meters 12.75

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