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Wool Katia ROMA

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9,9 for every ball

Roma special skein of Lanas Katia breeze

Roma de Lanas Katia

It is a skein of wool woven in a special lace, ideal for fine winter garments. Roma de lana Katia is a ribbon of several woven zig-zag wools. Very used especially to decorate garments or make scarves and collars. This range is designed especially for the fall winter seasons.

The Roma composition of Katia wool is:

47% wool 37% acrylic 16% polyamide. Due to its high wool content it is a very warm high quality. Roma de lana Katia is a ribbon of several woven zig-zag wools. This type of wool is very used to decorate garments or make eye-catching accessories such as scarves, very nice neck.

Rome characteristics of Katia wool are:

Each ball has 100 grams of weight and measures approximately 13 meters in length. With a ball you can make a scarf, or you can It is suitable for machine washing at a maximum of 30ºC. It can be ironed at a maximum of 110ºC. It is not suitable for the use of dryer. Drying is recommended on a horizontal surface. Lanas Katia presents this Roma range which is a woven zig-zag wool similar to a wool lace of 47% wool composition, 37% acrylic and 16% polyamide. There are several explanatory videos step by step on the official website of wool Katia, to help you and encourage you to make very creative clothes with this style of wool.Rome Katia Yarn skein of special yarn and sewing ideal for fine singing winter garments

100 grams of 47 % Wool 40 % Acrylic Needles 3.5

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