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5,4 for every ball
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5,4 for every ball
PVP recomendado por la marca: 6,5 €

Gold Hilaturas Mondial skein of wool with glitter

Mondial Spinning Gold

It is a ball of wool with glitter of Lamé for pendas and complementos of fiestaque that can be knitted with needles of knitting or with needle of crochet. It is a shiny silk thread with metallic lamé in gold and silver, ideal for party garments, jackets, blouses, dresses, and shawls. It is a ball of silk yarn and metallic lamé ideal for shawls and bullfighters. is a Gold thread of Mondial Spinning with silky appearance with a bright touch, ideal for knitting or crochet elegant garments, accessories or accessories for party and gala. Gold de Hilaturas Mondial is a yarn designed for you to tile your best clothes in metallic tones for party and gala. If you like to wear gleaming accessories, it's perfect for you. Gold of Hilaturas Mondial is very used to weave elegant scarves, vests, handbags or complements like brooches to place in your clothes.

The composition of the Golden thread of Hilaturas Mondial is:

92% Acrylic, 8% Metallic polyester, This thread has a nice touch of silky shine but with a metallic touch with a touch of glitter, with which your work will be dazzling. Rayon is a very versatile fiber and has the same properties in terms of comfort of use than other natural fibers and can imitate the feel of silk, wool, cotton or linen. The fibers can be easily dyed in other colors such as red. Rayon fabrics are soft, light, cool, comfortable and very absorbent, but do not insulate the body, allowing perspiration. Therefore, they are ideal for hot and humid climates. According to its presentation, a distinction is made between the so-called filament rayon and the short fiber viscose. When burned, this type of fiber gives off a burning paper smell that is characteristic of cellulose-based fibers

The characteristics of the Golden thread of Mondial Hilaturas are:

Each ball contains 100 grams of weight and 250 meters of length. Knitting is recommended with knitting needles of No. 4 - 5 mm or with 4 mm crochet hooks. To knit a long-sleeved sweater, size 40, you need 8 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, using 4 mm needles, you will have to mount 22 points and work 30 laps.Gold Hilaturas Mondial skein of wool with gloss Lamé for fiestaque pendas and accessories can be knit with knitting needles or crochet hook

100 grams, 92% Acrylic, 8% metallized polyester, Needles 4 to 5, Crochet 4, 250 Meters

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