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Wool Mondial BABY POLO

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2,2 for every ball

Baby Polo de Lanas Mondial ball of baby

Wool Mondial Baby Polo

Baby Polo de Lanas Mondial ball of baby. It is a ball of wool ideal for knitting baby and child garments, due to its softness and resistance to washing in the washing machine. A ball of wool, sweet and soft to knit garments for women, men, children and babies. Mondial Baby Polo wool is a fine, very warm wool with a very soft and sweet texture, ideal for knitting garments for children and babies. Knit with this warm and colorful wool and innovate with it, making all kinds of creations. It is a range that is available in a multitude of colors and tones for your choice, both raw and bright tones. You can combine colors and create unique and special pieces. It is perfect for knitting garments for children and babies; sweaters, hats, rompers, dresses, bodysuits and much more. In addition, you can also make your scarves, shawls, collars, sweaters and numerous garments for adults.

The composition of Lanas Mondial Baby Polo is:

100% Microfiber PC. Microfiber is a type of very fine synthetic fiber with which a non-woven textile is made called, by extension, also microfiber. It is composed mainly of polyester (about four fifths) and polyamide. The yarn obtained is ten times thinner than human hair, but only half as thick as silk. Its diameter is of the order of 10 microns. As it is a type of synthetic fiber, that is, specially designed for certain human uses, it is already made so that it has a long life cycle. Withstands many washes and high temperatures, microfiber fabrics do not deform, do not stay small or get older. There are many types with different final finishes, so that you can get, for example, scarves or fine pieces of clothing as soft as silk, or super absorbent cloths that do not scratch. A wool composed of a mixture of natural wool with acrylic. Merino wool is extremely soft, light and comfortable, ideal for sensitive skin, so it is recommended for use in babies, children and adults. It is an excellent thermal regulator, so it provides you warmth on cold days.

The characteristics of Lanas Mondial Baby Polo are:

The ball contains 50 grams of weight and 385 meters in length. The 2 - 2.5 mm knitting needles and 2 - 2½ mm crochet needles are ideal for making your projects. With a ball you can knit a baby first position jumper. To knit a pull size 40 you will need 5 balls. To make a 10 x 10 cm square you need to mount 33 stitches and do 49 laps. Suitable for washing in the washing machine, using an iron and a tumble dryer. Due to its thin thickness, woven garments will be thick and beautifully finished. It is highly recommended for knitting clothes for children and babies. Mondial Baby Polo wool is one of the finest yarns of this brand, with which to weave unique and warm garments.Baby Polo de Lanas Mondial ball of baby

50 Grams, 100% Microfiber, Needles 2 - 2.5, Hook 2, 385 Meters

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