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3,2 for every ball

Brillantina de Lanas Mondial ball of yarn and lamé

Brilliantine of Lanas Mondial

It is a multi-cotton yarn and microfiber thread with a thin and shiny polyester thread that gives a flash of light and light in contrast to the matte color of the spinning. The combination of cotton and microfiber gives a smooth and spongy result making the strand very natural and even a little rustic that is contrasted with the fine shine of polyester. This thread is indicated to make all kinds of garments for spring - summer such as jerseys, shirts, beaks, shawls, ...

The composition of the Brillantina thread of Lanas Mondial is:

50% Cotton, 47% Microfiber, 3% Polyester Metallized Cotton is the most important natural fiber produced in the world, its importance began in the nineteenth century with the process of industrialization and today still accounts for almost half of the world consumption of textile fibers. Not all species of the genus Gossypium have commercial value, fibers are obtained from the seed of a few species, the length and thickness of the fiber depend on its origin. Microfiber is a type of very fine synthetic fiber with which a nonwoven fabric called, by extension, also microfiber is manufactured. It is composed mainly of polyester (about four fifths) and polyamide. The yarn obtained is ten times thinner than human hair, but only half as thick as silk. Its diameter is of the order of 10 microns. The shape of the fiber gives them a high absorption capacity, so the products made with this material are good for drying, for cleaning, etc. The fact that it absorbs twice as much cotton makes a towel thinner and lighter, or that a cloth needs a smaller amount of cleaning product. Within the field of cleaning, another advantage is that it leaves no residue in the form of hair or traces of the path of scrubbing, in a glass, for example. As it is a type of synthetic fiber, that is, specially designed for certain human uses, it is already made so that it has a long life cycle. Resists many washes and at high temperatures, microfiber fabrics do not deform, do not stay small or get older. There are many types with different finishes, so you can get, for example, handkerchiefs or pieces of fine clothing as soft as silk, or super absorbent cloths that do not scratch.

The characteristics of the Brillantina thread of Lanas Mondial are:

Each ball contains 50 grams of weight and about 175 meters in length. It is possible to work with knitting needles of nº 3 - 4, or with crochet nº 3. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm you must mount 23 points and work 30 laps. To make a size 40 jersey you will need about 6 balls. Machine washable at a maximum temperature of 30ºC. It is advisable to dry on a horizontal surface. It can be ironed up to 110ºC. Steam ironing is recommended. This thread is indicated to make all kinds of garments for spring - summer like jerseys, shirts, beaks, shawls, ...

50 Grams, 50% Cotton, 47% Microfiber, 3% Polyester Metallic, Needles 3 - 4, Crochet 3, 175 Meters

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