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Cotton Soft Bio Mondial Spinning Stampe

Cotton Soft Bio Stampe of Spinning Mondial

It is a Bio Cotton printed in natural spring colors, to weave casual garments. It is a fine and soft printed cotton yarn very suitable for making spring - summer baby garments. Cotton Soft Bio by Mondial is a 100% organic cotton yarn, totally matte, ideal for working soft, comfortable and much more breathable than conventional cotton, so it is highly recommended to weave all kinds of work for delicate and sensitive skin . The softness and naturalness of this ecological thread are perfect to be in contact with the skin of children and babies. Mondial Cotton Soft Bio Stampe is a 100% organic printed cotton yarn of high quality, which certifies its purity and naturalness, free of chemical substances. It is treated and tinted with natural products. Ideal for babies, children and adults.

The composition of the Mondial Cotton Soft Bio Stampe yarn is:

100% organic cotton This cotton certifies that it does not contain chemical substances or toxic waste. Guarantees respect for the environment and exceptional health for the skin. Cotton is a vegetable textile fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant, a shrub of the genus Gossypium, belonging to the Malvaceae family, native to the tropical and subtropical regions, there are different native species in America, Africa or India Cotton is the most important natural fiber produced in the world, its importance began in the nineteenth century with the process of industrialization and today still accounts for almost half of the world consumption of textile fibers. Not all species of the genus Gossypium have commercial value, fibers are obtained from the seed of a few species, the length and thickness of the fiber depend on its origin. This thread guarantees that the cotton does not contain pesticides and are treated and tinted with products that are not harmful to health, all natural. Its finish is totally matt. Its strand is composed of a twist of 7 strands. Their certificates ICEA - GOTS - OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certify the high quality of this thread and provides great benefits in clothes that will be in constant contact with the skin. It is a much more breathable, hypoallergenic and comfortable yarn than other cottons. Does not cause allergies and irritations.

The characteristics of Cotton Soft Bio Stampe yarn Mondial are:

Each ball is composed of 50 grams of weight and 180 meters of length. It is possible to work with needles of 2,5 - 3 mm of knitting or with crochet of nº 2. To knit a long-sleeved sweater size 40 you need about 6 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, he assembles 28 points and works 33 laps. It is suitable for machine washing at maximum 40ºC. It can be ironed at medium temperature. It is not suitable to use dryer. Drying is recommended on a horizontal surface. Cotton Soft Bio Stampe is a thread with a high certified quality. Use it to weave all kinds of printed work for babies, children and adults, both for autumn and winter and spring and summer.Cotton Soft Bio Stampe of Mondial Spun, Bio Cotton stamped in natural spring colors, for casual knitting

50 Grams, 100% Organic Cotton, Needles 2,5 - 3, Crochet 2,5, 180 Meters

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