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Wool Mondial EXPRESS

10,5 for every ball

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10,5 for every ball

Mondial Express Hilaturas skein thick wick

Express de Hilaturas Mondial

It is a skein of thick wick, which can be knit only with the hands, without needles. Very suitable for making accessories, such as collars and scarves. Express de Hilaturas Mondial skein of coarse wick, which can be knitted only with the hands, without needles. Very suitable for making accessories, such as collars and scarves.

The composition of Express de Hilaturas Mondial is:

50% Merino virgin wool 50% Acrylic, The wool is a natural fiber that is obtained from goats (goat and, mainly, sheep), and other animals such as llamas, alpacas, guanacos, vicuñas or rabbits, through a process called shearing. It is used in the textile industry to make products such as bags, blankets, gloves, socks, sweaters, etc. The raw wool that is extracted from the sheep can be dyed using various natural elements. You can use onion peel, beet, cooked mate and various native plants, of which the fruit, the root or the leaves are used. To obtain the color, one of the mentioned elements must be placed in a pot with boiling water and after a few minutes, remove them and introduce the wool. Once the desired color is obtained, remove the wool using a strainer and let it dry.

The characteristics of Express de Hilaturas Mondial are:

Each ball is made up of 200 grams and 25 meters. It is recommended to work with needles for 20 mm point. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves you need 5 balls. To knit a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 6 stitches and work 7 laps, using 20 mm needles. Hand washing is recommended. It is not machine washable. You can use the iron up to 110ºC. Wool products are mostly used in cold areas because their use keeps body heat; This is due to the nature of the fiber of the material.Mondial Express Hilaturas skein of thick wick, which can weave single-handed, without needles. Very suitable for accessories like collars and scarves.

200 grams 50% virgin Merino wool 50% acrylic, 25 needles 20 meters

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