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Wool Mondial FACE WOOOL

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8,5 for every ball

Wool Face of Wool Mondial with motive

Face Wool by Lanas Mondial

It is a ball with reason to sew it to the garments that tile and give them a fun touch. Mondial Facewool is a very soft and fine wool that includes a small knitted doll that you can use as a decorative element in your work, available in a wide range of tonalities to weave all kinds of crafts, accessories, garments or accessories to your liking. It is available in multiple shades. Each of the balls includes a small knitted or embroidered doll that you can use to add it to your woven pieces and accessories and give it that fun touch.

The composition of the Mondial Facewool wool is:

50% Merino virgin wool. 50% Microfiber PC. The properties of this wool make it a very resistant material at the same time that pleasant to the contact with the skin, since it is a very soft thread and that will provide the perfect corporal temperature.

The characteristics of the Facewool wool from Mondial are:

Each ball contains 100 grams and 200 meters of thread. You will need to use 3.5 to 4.5 mm knitting needles for this type of wool. To knit a 10 x 10 cm square, you must assemble 20 stitches and work 26 laps. With 1 single ball you can knit 1 scarf, neck or cap. Its strand is composed of 4 fine strands. It can be machine washed at a temperature of 30 ° C maximum. The iron can be used to smooth woven garments with this wool. It is not recommended to use a dryer for this fabric. Choose your favorite balls among the 12 intense colors available that Mondial offers in its Facewool range, and create your own personalized tasks and crafts to your liking. Mondial Facewool is a very soft and fine type of wool that contains a fun doll, ideal for knitting or crochet very original and cheerful for both children and adults. The available models of this wool are: Dirk, Maramao, Gaia, Kiss, Cupid, Pablo, Svenk, Yun Seon, Teodoro, Mia, Biagio, Eye baby !, Manolo, Sansone, Carletto, Renato, Donato, Clemente, Kiss, Maramao You can create crafts, textiles, accessories or accessories to decorate your home with unique and original designs.Wool Face of Mondial Wool with motif to sew it to the garments you shine and give them a fun touch

100 Grams, 50% Wool, 50% Microfiber, Needles 3,5 - 4,5, Meters 200

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