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Wool Mondial FAMILY

29,5 for every ball

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29,5 for every ball

Family de Lanas Mondial ball 500 grs stamped

Lanas Mondial Family

Family of Wool Mondial ball 500 grs stamped. It is a ball with a print that, while carrying out the work, presents a multicolored mottled drawing. Its format is presented in balls of 500 grams.

The composition of the Lanas Mondial Family is:

70% Microfiber PC 30% Virgin Merino Wool. Microfiber is a very fine type of synthetic fiber with which a non-woven textile is manufactured called, by extension, also microfiber. It is composed mainly of polyester (about four fifths) and polyamide. The yarn obtained is ten times finer than human hair, but only half as thick as silk. Its diameter is of the order of 10 microns. As it is a type of synthetic fiber, that is, specially designed for certain human uses, it is already made in such a way that it has a long life cycle. It resists many washes and at high temperatures, the microfiber fabrics do not deform, do not become small or grow larger. There are many types with different final finishes, so you can get, for example, scarves or pieces of fine clothing as soft as silk, or super absorbent cloths that do not scratch. Many of the clothing used in cycling are made of microfiber due to their ability to absorb moisture and keep the body dry. On the other hand, for use in clothing close to the body, there are people who do not tolerate synthetic fibers well or who feel that they do not perspire as well as cotton or linen, for example. Some people, even if they are not allergic, perspire more and in a very acidic way if they wear a shirt with the components of the microfiber.

The characteristics of the Lanas Mondial Family are:

500 Grams, 70% Microfiber PC, 30% Ana Virgin, Needles 4 - 5, 1,250 Meters

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