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Wool Mondial SOFT BAMBO

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3,75 for every ball

Mondial Soft Bamboo Tape multicolor thread

Lanas Mondial Soft Bamboo

It is a thread of multicolored fine ribbon, silky and very fresh to weave all kinds of summer clothes. It is a ball of stamped ribbon with new design of soft and silky print very pleasant to the touch. Lanas Mondial Soft Bamboo brings us this yarn type ribbon for spring-summer 100% combed and mercerized cotton, this process brings more brilliance to the yarn. This type of yarn is most recommended for the spring summer season. Recommended both for two needles and for crochet to make blouses, vests, bags and much more.

The composition of Lanas Mondial Soft Bamboo is:

100% Bambu Among the fibers of vegetable origin are those that are extracted from the villi of some seeds, such as cotton; of stems (or bast), such as flax and hemp; foliage fibers, such as sisal; and fibers of shells, such as coconut. The fibers of animal origin are wool, hair and secretions, like silk.

The characteristics of Lanas Mondial Soft Bamboo are:

The ball contains 50 grams of weight. It is recommended to knit with 5½ - 6 mm knitting needles or 3 - 4 mm crochet needles. 6 balls are needed to make a short-sleeved jersey in size 40. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm mount 14 points and work 18 laps. It can be machine washed up to 30ºC. It can be ironed up to 110ºC. Steam ironing is recommended. It is available in mottled colors that offer a fabric with many small pints of different colors, giving a beautiful appearance.Soft Bamboo yarn Mondial fine, silky and very fresh multicolored ribbon to weave all kinds of summer garments

50 Grams 100% Bamboo Needles 4-5 Crochet 3-4

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