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Wool Mondial TRECCIA

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13,9 for every ball

Treccia de Lanas Mondial to make net bag

Mondial Treccia wool

Mondial Treccia is a thick recycled cotton yarn for making net bags. This makes it perfect for weaving accessories such as handbags, or home accessories such as carpets and tablecloths. The seven colour gradient effect will give a spectacular result to your projects. Textile recycling is the method of reusing or reprocessing used clothing, fibrous material and clothing scraps from the manufacturing process. Textiles in municipal solid waste are mainly found in discarded clothing, although other sources include furniture, carpets, tires, footwear and non-durable goods such as sheets and towels. Treccia de wool Mondial is a yarn with an innovative shape. The braided yarn and its colours interwoven with each other give them a totally original and different shape.

The composition of Mondial Treccia wool is

80% Recycled cotton 20% Polyester microfiber. Cotton recycling avoids unnecessary waste and can be a more sustainable alternative to disposal. Recycled cotton can come from older garments, previously used or from textile waste that is then spun into new yarns and fabrics. There are some notable limitations of recycled cotton, including the separation of materials that are cotton/polyester blend. There may also be limits to the durability in the use of recycled cotton. Recycled cotton achieves a soft, cool texture, perfect for spring or summer. They are produced sustainably by recycling fabric waste, where the fibres are joined together to be spun back into an eco-friendly fabric with all the characteristics and properties of traditional cotton.

The characteristics of Mondial Treccia wool are:

Each skein contains 250 grams in weight and 225 meters in length. It can be knitted with 4 - 5 mm crochet needles. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 18 stitches and work 16 turns. To knit a bag you only need 1 skein. It is a thread suitable for machine washing at maximum 30ºC. It is not suitable for ironing. It is not suitable for ironing. Each skein has a gradient of 7 different colors that will give a special color effect to your work. It is ideal for creating accessories such as bags, toiletries or shawls, or for making home decorations such as tablecloths, carpets and other colourful projects.Treccia de Lanas Mondial to make net bag

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