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Wool Mondial TRIO

19,5 for every ball

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19,5 for every ball

Trio de Lanas Mondial ball different qualities

Wood Wool Trio

It is a ball printed with a strand of different textures, with mohair hair, metallic polyester and microfiber that gives it a changeable appearance depending on the weave of one strand or the other. It is a ball of warm mohair hair and soft microfiber to the touch with degrade of color ideal for high quality jerseys. This wool contains a mohair percentage which gives a quality and resistance to our garments compared to other compositions.

The composition of Lanas Mondial Trio is :

. 65%Microfiber PA. 15%Mohair. 15%PC microfiber. 5%Metallic Polyester. Microfiber is a type of synthetic fiber that forms a fabric that is also called microfiber. It consists mainly of polyester and, in the background, polyamide (nylon). Microfiber is a type of synthetic fiber composed mainly of polyester and polyamide, and is used to create textiles. These are characterized by being really soft, resistant and non-deformable. The microfiber thread is really tiny, it is a hundred times finer than human hair. The shape of the fiber gives them a high absorption capacity, so products made with this material are good for drying, cleaning, etc.. The fact that it absorbs twice as much as cotton makes a towel thinner and lighter, or that a cloth needs a smaller amount of cleaning product. Within the field of cleaning, another advantage is that it leaves no residue in the form of hair or traces of the trajectory of scrubbing, in a glass, for example. As it is a type of synthetic fibre, i.e. specially designed for certain human uses, it is already made so that it has a long life cycle. It resists many washes and high temperatures, microfiber fabrics are not deformed, do not stay small or become larger. There are many types with different final finishes, so you can get, for example, handkerchiefs or pieces of fine clothing as soft as silk, or superabsorbent cloths that do not scratch.

The characteristics ofLanas Mondial Trio are:

. Each ball contains 200 grams of weight and about 440 meters in length. It is possible to work with Needles 4 - 5 of knit or with needles of crochet of nº 4,5. With a single ball you can make a shawl. To make a long-sleeved sweater of size 40 you will need about 2 balls. It is a thread suitable for machine washing at a maximum of 30ºC. It is not suitable for ironing. It is not recommended to use a dryer. Drying on a horizontal surface is recommended. Many cycling garments are made of microfiber due to its ability to absorb moisture and keep the body dry. On the other hand, for use in clothing close to the body, there are people who do not tolerate synthetic fibers well or who feel that they do not perspire as well as cotton or linen, for example. Some people, even if they are not allergic, sweat more and in a very acidic way if they wear a shirt with microfiber components.Trio de Lanas Mondial ball different qualities

200 Grams, 65% Microfiber PA, 15% Mohair, 15% Microfiber PC, 5% Polyester, Needles 4 - 5, Crochet 4,5, 440 Meters,

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