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Wool Mondial ZENIT

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5 for every ball

Zenit Mondial thick wool ball loops

Lanas Mondial Zenit

It is a ball of thick multicolored wool loops ideal for scarves, caps and coats. It is a ball of thick and thin curls ideal for jackets and coats. Acrylic and multicolored wool mixture that forms loops. Its thick and thin effect, quick to work and ideal for scarves, shawls, collars and scarves. Wool Mondial Zenit of excellent quality for knitting and knitting, ideal for scarves and small hats for girl and boy.

The composition of Lanas Mondial Zenit is:

91% Acrylic 9% Polyamide, Acrylic and polyamide multicolored mixture that forms loops. Synthetic fiber is a textile fiber that comes from various petroleum products. The artificial fibers are not synthetic, because they come from natural materials, basically cellulose. Sometimes the term "chemical fibers" is used to refer to artificial and synthetic fibers as a whole, as opposed to natural fibers. Thus, synthetic fibers are entirely chemical: both the synthesis of the raw material and the manufacture of the strand or filament are products of the human being. With the appearance and development of synthetic fibers, the textile industry has obtained threads that satisfy the demand posed by new weaving techniques and consumers.

The characteristics of Lanas Mondial Zenit are:

It consists of Ovillos with a weight of 100 g, to work with 5.5 - 6.5 mm needles. You can find this genre available in several colors, as well as other balls from the Lanas Mondial house. It can be washed by hand. Dry wash at temperatures not too high, avoid twisting when you go to lay them horizontally. It can be steam ironed. Its thick and thin effect, quick to work and ideal for scarves, shawls, collars and scarves.Zenit Mondial ball loops multicolor thick wool scarves ideal for hats and coats

100 grams acrylic 91 % Polyamide Needles 9% from 5.5 to 6.5

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