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Wool e-Puntexsa CUQUILLO B

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Cuquillo Brille cone silk thread and bright licks

Cuquillo Brille

It is a cone of silk thread with metallic shine for party garments shawls, bullfighters, handbags. The cuquillo is a thread of rayon, that is unla synthetic silk with a very nice metallic shine and much resistance that is used a lot to realize the fringes of the manila shawls. Being a thread woven as a cord will not unravel and therefore you can use it for the fringes of your garments. There are also all kinds of garments such as sweaters, dresses, jackets, ... that will leave you with a lot of fall and movement.

The composition of Cuquillo Brille is:

Rayon 90% Lick 10% Rayon is a manufactured and regenerated cellulose artificial fiber. In Europe it was called viscose. Cellulose from wood or cotton fibers is treated with sodium hydroxide, and then mixed with carbon disulfide to form cellulose xanthate, which is then dissolved in more sodium hydroxide. The resulting viscose is extruded in an acid bath either through a cellophane slot, or through a small hole to make rayon (sometimes called viscose). The acid converts the viscose back into cellulose. Rayon is a very versatile fiber and has the same properties in terms of comfort of use as other natural fibers and can imitate the feel of silk, wool, cotton or linen. The fibers can be easily dyed in other colors such as red. Rayon fabrics are soft, light, cool, comfortable and very absorbent, but do not insulate the body, allowing perspiration. Therefore, they are ideal for hot and humid climates. According to their presentation, a distinction is made between the so-called filament rayon and the short fiber viscose.

The characteristics of Cuquillo Brille are:

Each cone contains about 200 grams of weight. You can work with 2.5 - 3 point knitting needles or with 2.5 knitting needle. It is a thread suitable for machine washing at maximum 40ºC. It is suitable for ironing at medium temperature. It is not recommended to use a dryer. Drying is recommended on a horizontal surface. The Cuquillo Brille is a rayon thread, which is a synthetic silk with a very nice shine and a lot of resistance that is used a lot to make the fringes of the manila shawls.Cuquillo Brille cone silk thread and bright garment lame party

200 grams 90% Rayon 10 Lame Needles % 2,5 - 3

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