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Wool e-Puntexsa SCORPIO

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6,5 for every ball

LM Scorpio Yarn skein of silk loops

Spinning LM Scorpio

It is a ball of silk with wool loops in matt color. It is a ball of wool, easy to weave. You only need a ball to knit a scarf, very warm. Hilaturas LM Scorpio is a curly wool of fantasy, which contains small curled pink and purple threads along its entire length, which will bring a very original touch to your work such as collars and scarves. This type of wool is perfect for knitting accessories such as scarves and collars, providing a very original look in its finish.

The composition of Hilaturas LM Scorpio is:

100% polyester Spinning LM Scorpio is a wool of fantasy that contains curled threads in the form of a loop. They are obtained from products manufactured by humans, they are entirely chemical. The first synthetic fibers were classified by the way they were obtained. By polycondensation: polyamide as Nylon, Perlon, Enkalon, PET as Mylar, Melinex and polyester as Tergal, Terlenka, Terylene, Trevira, Dacron.

The characteristics of LM Scorpio Hilaturas are:

Each ball contains 100 grams of weight. Its thickness is recommended for knitting with 8 - 9 mm knitting needles. With only 1 ball you can knit a scarf 130 cm long. It is suitable for machine washing at 30ºC maximum. It can be ironed at a low temperature to a maximum of 110ºC. It is not suitable for machine drying. Horizontal drying is recommended. It is washable dry. With only 1 ball you can knit 1 scarf 130 cm long. We recommend working your work to stupid point, making all points to the right. If you want to make a neck mount 6 points, this way you will get the necessary width. Create different and original work with this wool to complement your looks and provide a fun touch. Your collars will be unique and elegant with just a ball of Spinning LM Scorpio.Scorpio LM Yarn skein of silk with wool loops matte

100 Grams 100% Polyester Needle 8-9 crochet 9

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