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3,5 for every ball

Elements Mix Lana Schachenmayr bright

Elements Mix of Schachenmayr

It is a printed wool mixed with bright multi-colored thread for garments and accessories of fantasy. The mohair can be woven on a loom or used for knitted fabrics, dyed with some ease and produces a firm, insulating, soft and shiny material. Elements Mix by Schachenmayr printed wool mixed with multicolored bright yarn for garments and accessories of fantasy

The composition of Elements Mix of Schachenmayr is:

Virgin wool 10% Mohair 6% Polyester 11% Polyamide 18% Acrylic 55% Mohair wool is fine and soft, which is ideal for knitting comfortable garments of excellent quality. This composition with such a high proportion of alpaca gives a very soft touch and a high quality to this wool. The mohair is the fiber from the hair of the Angora goat and an openwork fabric made with this textile fiber, widely used in the making of jackets and sweaters. Its main characteristics are softness and brightness. The term mohair seems to come from the Turkish word mukhya, whose meaning is 'the best [fleece]' and with the Arabic word mukhayyar, which means 'a cloth of goat hair'. The main feature of the Angora goat is its hair or mohair, very similar to the wool of sheep (sheep) for its chemical composition, but different, in that it is more insulating, thinner and smoother, and with more shine . The fine hair of the younger goats is used in clothing, but that of old animals is used for carpets and heavy fabrics for outerwear.

The Elements Mix features of Schachenmayr are:

Each ball contains about 50 grams of weight and about 30 meters in length. It is recommended to work your work with knitting needles from 7 - 8 mm.ò to crochet with nº 7. You need 6 balls to knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves. Hand washing is required so that the fabric is not damaged. It is suitable for ironing at 110 ° C, preferably with steam. Mohair fiber can be mixed with wool to obtain high quality fabrics. With the Elements Mix wool from Schachenmayr you can knit sweaters, jackets, coats, ponchos, shawls, handkerchiefs, collars, scarves that will delight those who wear it.Mix Elements stamped Schachenmayr wool mixed with bright multicolored yarn for garments and fantasia

50 grams of 10% Virgin Wool Mohair 6% Polyester 11% Polyamide 18% Acrylic 55% 30 Meters

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