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Wool Schachenmayr ARTORO

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9,5 for every ball

Artoro of wool Schachenmayr Spring

Artoro de Schachenmayr

It is a skein of elastic wool mottled in several colors ideal for knitting scarves and necks. Artoro de Schachenmayr mottled elasticated wool. With a skein you can knit a scarf. Its elasticity makes it very comforting and soft.

The composition of Artoro of Schachenmayr is:

Acrylic 95% 5% polyester Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made from the chemicals used by Carothers and his team in the fundamental research on high polymers that was carried out at the company Du Pont. Polyester (C10H8O4) is a category of elastomers that contains the ester functional group in its main chain. The polyesters that exist in nature are known since 1830, but the term polyester generally refers to synthetic polyesters (plastics),

The characteristics of the Artoro wool from Schachenmayr are:

Each ball has 200 grams of weight. You can knit with needles 8 - 9 knit. With a skein you can knit a scarf. Its elasticity makes it very comforting and soft. It can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30º C. It can be ironed with caution, at 110 ° C maximum. We always recommend ironing wool garments with steam.Spring Artoro of variegated wool Schachenmayr

200 grams Acrylic 94 % Polyester 5 % Needles 8-9

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