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Wool Schachenmayr LUMIO

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9,95 for every ball

Lumio Schachenmayr bright ball of wool

Schachenmayr wool lamp

It is a luminous ball of colors fluor with neon thread. It is a large ball of thick wool to make jackets and accessories. Lumina de lana Schachenmayr are large balls made of an extra thick wool in neon colors, suitable for working your tasks with needles for a point from 10 to 12 mm and even knitting with your own hands. The wool Lumio wool Schachenmayr is one of the wool that will be perfect for weaving precious collars and scarves easily and quickly, in addition to many other tasks. This wool is available in many bright neon colors, more vivid to give color to your winter accessories.

The wool composition Lumio de lana Schachenmayr is:

100% acrylic They are very soft balls, with a nice touch that make your clothes really comfortable to wear. Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made from the chemicals used by Carothers and his team in the fundamental research on high polymers that was carried out at Du Pont. Du Pont developed an acrylic fiber in 1944 and started commercial production of them in 1950. He was given the commercial name of Orlon. Acrylics are the most similar to wool. The fibers for carpets seem to be wool and the fabrics for baby seem to be made of wool, but they are softer and their care is much simpler. Acrylic fibers have good resistance to most chemicals, except strong alkalis and chlorine-based bleaches. Acrylics can be dry-cleaned; in some garments the finish is lost and the fabric will feel rough. These fibers are resistant to moths and fungi. Acrylic fibers have excellent resistance to sunlight.

The characteristics of Lanas Lumio of Schachenmayr wool are:

Each skein of this wool contains 150 grams of weight and has a length of 75 meters. To work with knitting needles No. 12 - 12, due to its thickness. With only a ball you can knit a very voluminous neck since in addition to using these thick needles it is recommended that you make a pretty loose stitch. For a size 40 long sleeve sweater you need 3 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm you must mount 7 points and work 10 laps. It can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30º C. It can be ironed with caution, at 110 ° C maximum. We always recommend ironing wool garments with steam. Big balls for great work. A wool of excellent quality to shelter you in the days of autumn - winter.wool Lumio Schachenmayr bright fluoro ball of yarn colors with neon

150 grams 90 % Acrylic Yarn Needles Neon 7% 10-12

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