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Wool Schachenmayr TABBY

2,9 for every ball

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2,9 for every ball

Yarn TABBY Schachenmayr cut velvet

Wool Schachenmayr Tabby

It is a velvet wool cut very fluffy and soft ideal for making baby clothes. It is a fluffy and soft ball ideal for children and babies. Wool Schachenmayr Tabby is a perfect wool to make blankets and baby clothes, for its super soft, sweet and velvety touch. With its curly look your work will have a unique look. Lancas Schachenmayr Tabby is an extra soft touch wool, fluffy look, very nice for children and adults. This type of wool is characterized by its curly finish, cloud-like, ideal for knitting clothes, hats, blankets or bags for your baby and even to create clothes for you, that you will always want to wear for their tender and sweet touch. Create scarves, booties, jerseys or jackets for the little ones or for you with Lanas Schachenmayr Tabby, a very special wool for sensitive and delicate skin.

The composition Lanas Schachenmayr Tabby is:

100% Polyamide This fiber is very strong and resistant, therefore, durable that will keep your clothes in perfect condition for a long time .. It is a homogeneous material with excellent surface finish that offers greater comfort in contact with your skin.

The Lancha Schachenmayr Tabby features are:

Each ball of wool Schachenmayr Tabby contains 50 grams of weight and 100 meters in length. It is recommended to work with 4½ - 5 mm knitting needles. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm you must mount 13 points and work 19 laps. You can perfectly knit a scarf or collar for 2 balls. For baby clothes you only need 1 skein of this wool. It can be machine washed at a temperature of 30ºC. Suitable for ironing. It is one of the softest and warmest wool. A velvety sweet touch that you will love. An extreme softness that has made the delilcias in places like Sevilla and Madrid .Yarn Velvet Tabby Schachenmayr cut very fluffy and soft perfect for baby clothes

50 Grams 100% Polyamide Needles 4.5 to 5 Meters 100

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