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Wool Schachenmayr TREND

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3,5 for every ball

Trend Deluxe SMC select skein Wool Silk

SMC Select Schachenmayr Trend Deluxe Wool

It is a ball of wool with silk of the same color to knit elegant sweaters, which thanks to its composition and spinning weave soft clothes with a lot of volume and little weight. Lanas Schachenmayr Trend Deluxe by SMC select offers high-end wool, with excellent quality to work great tasks; comfortable, light and elegant. Lanas Schachenmayr Trend Deluxe by SMC select, is a very fine wool with which to weave different tasks. Its composition with high alpaca content makes it an incredibly soft wool.

The composition of Lanas Schachenmayr Trend Deluxe by SMC select is:

Alpaka 56% Polyester 40% Polyamide 4% In the textile industry, the term "alpaca" can mean different things. It is above all a term applied to the wool obtained from the Bolivian alpaca. However, it refers more broadly to the fabric originally made in Peru from the alpaca wool, although it was also made and mixed with another type of wool, such as the Italian and British ones. The most precious fabrics are those from the first shearing of the alpaca, called baby alpaca. The four species of native South American animals and fiber producers are: llama, alpaca, guanaco and vicuna. Alpaca and vicuna are the most valuable animals for their wool: the alpaca because of the quality and quantity of wool (fiber), and the vicuña because of the softness, fineness, scarcity and high quality of their wool. The fiber of guanaco is slightly lower than that of vicuña, but it is a little more abundant.

The characteristics of SMC Select Schachenmayr Trend Deluxe Lanas are:

Each ball of this wool is made up of 50 grams of weight and 80 meters of length. It is perfect for working with 6.5 - 7 mm knitting needles and with 6.5 mm crochet hooks. To knit a square of 10 x 10 cm you must mount 23 stitches and work 30 laps. To make a size 40 jersey you need 8 balls.  Perfect for working clothes for adults, children and babies. Jerseys, jackets, vests and many more jobs to keep you warm in winter. It is a great advantage to be able to weave thousands of high quality works with natural fiber wool and be able to machine wash them without any problem. This wool is available in different colors, most of them are pastel shades, beautiful colors for hand-woven clothes for babies or adults. One of the wool that offers you great variety in color to choose the one you like the most.Trend Deluxe SMC select skein of wool with silk of the same color to knit elegant jerseys

50 Grams of Alpaka 56% Polyester 40% Polyamide 4% Needles 6.5 to 7 meters 80

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