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Charleston skein of wool fringed Stop

Charleston of wool Stop

It is a skein of fringes to make accessories. It is a thread of bright and fine wool with fringes ideal for making crochet shawls and ornaments. Charleston of wool Stop is a fringed yarn with silky wool appearance with a bright touch, ideal for knitting or crochet elegant garments, accessories or accessories for party and gala. Charleston of wool Stop is a thread designed for you to tile your best clothes in silky tones for party and gala. If you like to wear gleaming accessories, it's perfect for you. This thread is very used to weave elegant scarves, vests, handbags or complements as snaps to place on your clothes.

The composition of the Charleston wool of Stop wool is:

58% Polyester Virgin wool 17% The wool is a natural fiber that is obtained from goats (goat and, mainly, sheep), and other animals such as llamas, alpacas, guanacos, vicuñas or rabbits, through a process called shearing. It is used in the textile industry to make products such as bags, blankets, gloves, socks, ... Wool products are mostly used in cold areas because their use keeps body heat; This is due to the nature of the fiber of the material.

The Charleston thread characteristics of Stop wools are:

Each ball contains 50 grams of weight. Knitting is recommended with 5 - 6 mm knitting needles. It is recommended to wash your woven clothes by hand due to its delicate fiber. This thread is suitable for ironing up to 110ºC. A thread with fringes ideal for your garments and bright accessories, which you can use on special occasions. It is available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose which of them you want to knit the most elegant sweater or top for night or parties, or what color you would like the most dazzling shawl in your wardrobe.Charleston skein of wool to Stop fringed accessories

50 Grams 58 % Polyester 17% Virgin Wool Needles 5 - 6

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