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3,5 for every ball

Stop Eco Wool Yarn ball of pure wool

Eco Wool de Lanas Stop

It is a ball of pure virgin wool with ecological dye of high quality and soft to the touch. Eco Wool de Lanas Stop is a 100% natural and ecological wool that does not contain chemical products in its composition, which provides great advantages in contact with your skin. Eco Wool by Lanas Stop is an ecological 100% natural wool, with a chemical-free production, which provides great advantages in contact with the skin; It does not sting, it does not irritate and it does not produce allergies. This wool is available in 8 different colors, made without dyes, which are obtained by mixing different tones of the wool. It is a fluffy and natural wool, very nice on your skin, that will warm you perfectly in autumn - winter times.

The Wool Eco Wool composition of Lanas Stop is:

100% Natural Virgin Wool. The fiber of the wool is an excellent thermal regulator, which will keep your body temperature stable, providing warmth in the coldest days. The large number of sheep breeds and the varying influence of the animal's living conditions act on the characteristics of the wool. The classification of the wool is made taking into account a series of characteristics, of which the most important are: fineness, length, regularity in the degree of kinking and uniformity, strength and elongation, elasticity, flexibility, color, brightness and performance. The world production of washed wool is around 2 million tons, with the main producers Australia, Argentina, China, the United Kingdom, the dissolved Soviet Union, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay.

The characteristics of Eco Wool of Lanas Stop are:

Each ball contains 50 grams of weight and 100 meters of length. It can work with knitting needles of 4.5 - 5mm. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves you need 8 balls. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 18 points and work 25 laps. Hand washing is recommended to preserve all the properties of the wool. It is suitable for ironing, always with caution. It is not suitable for dryer. Eco Wool offers the great advantages of natural fibers; comfort and warmth in the form of balls with which you can make garments such as sweaters or jackets, or accessories such as vests, ponchos, scarves, collars and more.Stop Eco Wool Yarn ball of pure wool with high quality ecological dye and soft

50 grams pure 100% virgin wool Needles 4.5 to 5 meters 95

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