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1 for every ball
PVP recomendado por la marca: 3 €

Tide Lanas Stop curled naturally cool thread

Lanas Tide Stop

It is a ball of fresh and natural yarn with colored rugs for summer spring garment. It is a silky semi-glossy thread. Caribbean with silky finish and semi-gloss effect, ideal for crafts with wool. Learn how to make scarves and other crochet accessories for the home.

The composition of Marea de Lanas Stop is:

90% Viscose. 5% Cotton 4% Linen. 1% Polyester Viscose is a viscous organic liquid used in the manufacture of rayon and cellophane. Rayon itself, in Europe, was called viscose. Cellulose, from wood or cotton fibers, is treated with sodium hydroxide, and then mixed with carbon disulfide to form cellulose xanthate, which is then dissolved in more sodium hydroxide. The resulting viscose is extruded in an acid bath either through a cellophane slot, or through a small hole to make rayon (sometimes called viscose). The acid converts the viscose back into cellulose. Cotton is a vegetable textile fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. As textile fiber it is understood the set of filaments that can be used to form yarns (wikipedia). The length and thickness of the fiber depend on its origin. Depending on the length of the fibers, the cotton may be: - short fiber (Indian cotton) - Medium fiber (American cotton) or the best of all, long fiber (Egyptian cotton) The long fibers allow to interlace the strands better resulting in a fine, resistant and smooth thread. Surely you remember buying some cotton sheets (not Egyptian) stiff and incarcerated. That's because they are very short fiber cottons so they do not have the flexibility of a long fiber cotton like Egyptian cotton.

The characteristics of Lanas Stop Tide are:

Each ball has a weight of 50 grams and a length of 70 meters. You can work with 3 - 4 mm knitting needles. To weave a box of 10x10cm. you will need to knit 22 stitches and 25 laps. For a size 40 shirt you will need about 6 balls of Tide. It is a thread suitable for washing by hand. It is not suitable for ironing or drying. Horizontal drying is recommended. Dry wash at temperatures not too high, avoid twisting when you go to lay them horizontally and the iron is not too hot.Tide Lanas Stop ball of fresh and natural pintitas thread colors for spring summer clothing

50 grams Natural Linen 90% viscose 4% Needles 3-4

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