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Wool Stop COSMOS

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1 for every ball
PVP recomendado por la marca: 3,5 €

Cosmos lanasstop ribbon with silver thread

Cosmos of wool Stop

It is a thread of ribbon with a silver thread that gives a very subtle and beautiful shine to all your clothes .. It is available in different silky colors, with a lot of brightness and luminosity, ideal for knitting your best clothes and accessories with an extraordinary silky shine. Weave glamorous shawls and scarves, with which you will feel stylish and attractive.

The composition of Cosmos de lanas Stop is:

Viscose 50% 50% polyamide A polyamide is a type of polymer that contains amide bonds. Polyamides can be found in nature, such as wool or silk, and also be synthetic, such as nylon or Kevlar. The first polyamides were synthesized by the chemical company DuPont Corporation, by the team led by the chemist Wallace Hume Carothers, who started working at the firm in 1928. Polyamides such as nylon began to be used as synthetic fibers, although they have ended up being used in the manufacture of any plastic material. Aramides are a type of polyamide in which there are aromatic groups forming part of its structure. For example, fibers are very resistant to traction like Kevlar, or fibers also very resistant to fire, such as Nomex, both marketed by DuPont. Viscose is a viscous organic liquid used in the manufacture of rayon and cellophane. Rayon itself, in Europe, was called viscose. Cellulose, from wood or cotton fibers, is treated with sodium hydroxide, and then mixed with carbon disulfide to form cellulose xanthate, which is then dissolved in more sodium hydroxide. The resulting viscose is extruded in an acid bath either through a cellophane slot, or through a small hole to make rayon (sometimes called viscose). The acid converts the viscose into cellulose again The viscose was created in Échirolles (Isère, France) in 1884 by the French scientist and industrialist Hilaire de Chardonnet (1838-1924), inventor of the first artificial textile fiber ("artificial silk").

The Cosmos features of Lanas Stop are:

Each ball contains 50 grams of weight. You can work with Needles 7 - 8 point. It is a spinning machine capable of washing at a maximum of 30ºC. It is suitable for ironing. Steam ironing is recommended. Machine drying is not recommended. Drying is recommended on a horizontal surface.Cosmos Stop wool yarn with silver ribbon

50 Grams 50 % Viscose 50 % Polyamide Needles 7-8

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