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Wool Stop EXT-MER-PR

5,5 for every ball

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5,5 for every ball

Printed Extra Merino Wool Yarn stamped Stop

Extra Merino Printed of Lanas Stop

It is a ball of fine merino wool, soft and sweet to the touch. Extra Merino Printed is a wool composed of superwash merino wool and acrylic dralon, which offers some of the best qualities with easy cleaning, which retains all its qualities. Perfect for children and adults. Extra Merino Printed by Lanas Stop is a fine, very light and warm wool composed of a combination of superwash merino fiber and dralon acrylic, which provides a smooth and pleasant texture in contact with the skin. This type of wool is recommended both for use in work for babies, children or adults. It can be used to knit garments such as sweaters, dresses, jackets, bodysuits or even accessories such as shawls, scarves or hats and accessories such as blankets, lullabies and much more.

The composition of the Extra Merino Printed wool from Lanas Stop is:

60% merino wool 40% Acrylic dralon® This wool contains two different treatments; dralon® that provides more smoothness, quality and resistance to your strand and Superwash treatment that offers you to machine wash without problems, keeping all your fibers intact. This combination of fibers offers a wool of excellent quality with which sheltering you in winter will give you a pleasant touch and great comfort on your skin. The wool has great qualities as a thermal regulator. It keeps you warm on the coldest days, making it ideal for autumn and winter. Its plain colors offer thousands of different combinations. You can combine them to your liking or knit projects in one color.

The characteristics of Extra Merino Printed of Lanas Stop are:

Each ball contains 100 grams and 240 meters. Its thickness is recommended for knitting with knitting needles of 3.5 - 4 mm. To knit a size 40 sweater in long sleeves, 4 balls are necessary. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 22 points and work 29 laps. It can be machine washed at a maximum of 40ºC. It is suitable for ironing at medium temperature. It is not suitable for the use of dryer. Horizontal drying is recommended. With dralon® and Superwash treatment. It is a basic wool composed of the best fibers that you can use in any job you can think of.Printed Merino Wool Extra Stop ball of fine merino wool and soft to the touch stamped

Wool 100 grams virgin 52 % 48% Acrylic Needles 3,5 - 4

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